Cultural Literacy


Each student seeking this certificate shall complete independent reviews/reflections on at least eight (8) works of international/cultural media, including at least four books (fiction and non-fiction). Other international/cultural media may include films, music, and art exhibitions. Students may elect to read books from a recommended reading list or other works (including newer released) with prior approval at the district level. Reading lists should be handled flexibly and respond to student suggestions.


Each school and/or school district may determine criteria for reviews and reflections and how these student works will be evaluated. It is important that student work in this area follows the same requirements of depth of knowledge as any other writing or creative assignment in writing, the arts, video producation etc. 


Leah Luke-Lechleiter at Mauston High School has reviewed many student reflections and sent an encouraging message to her colleagues and students. Read her comments on the quality and value of student reflections here


Examples of student work will be posted on this site when they become available. We recommend visiting the web pages of the UW-Madison Center for the Humanities' Great World Texts for inspiration and examples of student work. Students and teachers are encouraged to participate in the Center's programs.


The Cooperative Children's Book Center offers wonderful bibliographies for global literature by world region. Teachers and students will find a wide selection of books for student independent study and reflection. Note that most of the books are for younger students. Remember that global education should begin much earlier than at the high school level.