Wisconsin's Global Youth Summits: Where First Globals Meet


The term First Global was first coined by the pollster John Zogby in his book The Way We'll Be: The Zogby Report on the Tranformation of the American Dream. (2008).  Accorging to Zogby's polling results, young people care about others, are curious about the world and frame their world view through the borderless connections of the internet. They also have passports -- and use them.  


Wisconsin's First Globals are all around us and are eager to learn more about the world. They seek opportunities ranging from travel to employment and civic engagement in their schools and colleges. Educational institutions increasingly respond to that need by offering study-abroad programs, opportunities for global engagement and world language learning. 


Wisconsin's Global Youth Summits serve a dual purpose: They bring together high school and college students for a day of learning and exchanging ideas on global engagement, and they offer a day-long seminar for educators in Wisconsin's Global Schools Network. Most of these educators are local coordinators for the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate.