Co-Curricular and other School-Sponsored Activities


Each student seeking this certificate shall demonstrate interest in global citizenship through active participation and leadership in at least four (4) co-curricular and other school-sponsored or endorsed activities in grades 9-12. These may include participating in:


  • International exchange program as exchange student and/or host

  • Travel abroad program/educational tour

  • Regular, direct engagement with individuals from other countries/cultures (e.g., pen pals, Skype)

  • Language and other internationally focused clubs, honor societies

  • Internationally themed programs/competitions for high school students (e.g., Model UN or DECA International competitions)

  • International programs offered by colleges/universities (e.g., World Language Day, World Cinema Day, or language/region-specific programs)

  • Language immersion programs (e.g., Concordia Language Villages)

  • Organizing and running internationally themed events (e.g., International Fairs, Language Days)

  • Lectures on international topics and/or speakers in the community or at a college/university

  • Activities comparable to those listed above in collaboration with other individuals or organizations within the student's school and/or from other schools.